Latest Creations!

Check out our latest work!

We’ve been working on coasters-these happen to have a fun theme of alcohol related humor and would be the perfect addition to the rustic/industrial bar you have at home! More to come with these!


We’ve been testing out the waters….watercolors! This was a fun piece to start getting into watercolor on wood, we love foxes and astronomy, so why not combine the two! And that tree though, perfect.

Check out Youtube for our video on creating this piece!


This cute turtle just needed something to guide it, so we freehand drew a mandala compass to help it find it’s way! Fun fact: the owner used to own a turtle!

We plan to be uploading a video onto our channel on Youtube soon for the process of creating this piece!

Click here to view our youtube channel.



We’re on Youtube!

Hey everyone!

We LOVE timelapse videos, something about them is absolutely mesmerizing, and relaxing. We’ve decided to start filming some of the work we do to create timelapse videos and have posted them on YouTube!


There isn’t much yet, be we have plans for many more, so go subscribe to our channel to have the latest updates!


Go check out the videos we’ve already made and tell us what you want to see, love timelapse? let us know! Love how to? let us know! Have another idea for our channel? we wanna know!

Follow the link below to see our channel, and have an amazing weekend!